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Whole Body SuperDefense

Whole Body SuperDefense

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✓USDA organic ingredients
Clinically proven
Extremely Safe

Good For: creating a whole body defense against occurrence of cancer.  Formula combines highly beneficial medicinal mushrooms to raise immune activity, increase white blood cells, activate destruction of precancerous cells, strengthen cellular functions & inner linings of blood vessels, benefit major organs like Heart, Lung, Liver & Kidneys, support entire digestive system, increase nutrient absorption, protect Brain, memory and cognitive functions, provide energy, fight external pathogens like viruses & bacterias, reduce oxidative stress, subdue inflammations, and help your body adapt to stress.

Ingredients: High-potency red Japanese Reishi mushroom, organic Cordyceps, organic Maitake mushroom, organic Royal Sun mushroom, organic Chaga mushroom, and organic Shiitake mushroom

Instructions: 3 times daily, 2 caps each time.